What Does Work for Other Real People To Get Rid of Mosquito Bites?

Many People usually ask, how other people get rid of mosquito bites?, what do they use to stop itching and treat mosquito bad bites?

I have tried lots of things, and here are what works for me, my friends and family:

P.S. I’ve told all of you that all methods to get rid of mosquito bites are suggestions and opinions by people like you wile a little of them are of medical consultation. although, each method has its advocates who swear it works for them to get rid of mosquito bites.

That include suggestions for soothing the discomfort that comes from allergic reactions following mosquito bites.

Real Experience, Personal Advice and Opinions

  1. [John] It’s better if you don’t ask for relief, instead ask for prevention of bites and there are many.
  2. [Michael] Actually, when I was a kid, the mosquitoes bites didn’t bother me too much! nevertheless, I found that the most annoying is the buzzing around my ears, or when waking me up at night, that sucks.
  3. [Tara] While I traveled to Egypt over the course of weeks, I get bitten repeatedly as I was living near a mosquito-infested area. All time, I have been covered with bites that looks like huge, quarter-sized welts in the first week, Gradually and as the weeks wore on, the new mosquitoes bites eventually show only pin-sized marks that barely itched. I thought that my body system stop responding or became more immune over time. Also, it cam to my mind that my body adjusted to the constant mosquitoes attack and began to ignore bites by nasty mosquitoes even they’re painful.
  4. I love being outdoors every summer on the American east coast, It starts out by showing reaction to mosquito bites with big bumps, but as the summer passes, I got bites grow smaller, and less itching.
    As I know the fact “the itch become less intense if I can bear the initial strong impulse”, I never permit my nails to scratch bites, and I seem to gather better immunity every year.
  5. I was Impetigo when I was a kid, and a mosquito bit me a lot of times at the site of soreness, I thought it will lead to more serious infection rather than an itchy bite, it’s very painful. so that don’t go to a mosquito arena without protective.
  6. Living in mosquito infested locations has increased mortality from disease for a very long time. An unambiguous and relentless signal that says ‘go somewhere else’ is a big advantage. Mosquito bites itch because humans who are bitten and do not itch are at a selective disadvantage.
  7. As many of us, I watch in National Geographic TV, many years ago, a place like Hawaii was mosquito-free until a boat from San Blas Mexico arrived about the year 1800. The inhabitants have emptied the remains of their water in a watercourse. The larvae turned into mosquitoes . The predator insects soon killed most of the birds that were under a certain height.
  8. Years later, when I read the article by Nat Geo, I was terrified that Hawaii had been beaten by mosquito’s invasion. Hawaii must clean mosquitoes and return the island as it was. It was unfair for mosquitoes to kill birds in large quantities. Birds are one of the major predators of mosquitoes.
  9. While traveling through Mexico in 1974. I stayed at San Blas. The mosquitoes were very predatory. I had to run from the hotel to the ocean.
  10. While living in a hotel room on a village highway to enjoy summer, I made a bargain with the mosquitos: I would not slap them but offer my flesh for breeding purposes without conditions. At first I get bites that itched but after a while I no longer felt any discomfort and we had a nice summer together until I was hauled off to Bellevue.
So many mosquito treatments

Homemade Methods and Strategies that People Believe they work

  1. Yes, me and my brother used to apply soap with water on a mosquito bite but we don’t make bubbles. soap-water really reliefs the itching.
  2. When I was on beach last year, as soon as I see a new mosquitoes bite, I apply a bit of dish-soap on the skin and rub it a little, trust me it really works.
  3. Here’s my proven way, Put ice on the bite site for 1 minute, rub with a little of calamine lotion for 3 times a day. and please do it without scratching it.
  4. If you want to cool the mosquito bite down temporarily. put some Alcohol on it are seems to do the job. it can cool and soothe the redness and edema caused by mosquitoes.
  5. I can tell that lavender oil really works for me every time I get bites. Although its smell is strong , it works to get rid of mosquito bites.
  6. For whom want a cheap handy remedies for mosquito bites, I usually apply toothpaste for mosquito and ant bites, you can give it a try.
  7. Something that works wonders for my daughter all the time get bitten, was Teatree oil. I hope it can do it for you too.
  8. My mother used to treat my bitten skin with vinegar and swears by it.
  9. I can suggest “Which Hazel” or “Alcohol”, apply locally on the bite site as it known to calm the itch immediately.
  10. Wash the bitten area clean, dry it, then sprinkle powder like prickly heat powder all over the bitten site, in order to get the best results.
  11. My family used to use this trick to relive mosquito bites fast and organic. When my little sister was convinced, simply, heat a paper towel or dab a cloth in boiling water and gently touch the bite with the cloth. This stings the bite and hurts a little but then the painful itching will vanish.
  12. My grandmother’s used to prepare a formula on the mosquito’s bite to neutralizes the stinging sensation, it composed from 50% water and 50% ammonia, the dab it on the bite site . It’s more effective when used immediately after the biting occur.
  13. A pretty observation I think the commercial After-Bite pen sticks contain Ammonia & baking soda. Yes, the ammonia is acting as a vasodilator and soothe mosquito bites, Ammonia will diffuse through skin and denature the venomous proteins, I speak as one whom the mosquitoes like, have had some success with ammonia on the welt to reduce its itch.
  14. I am brutally tortured by the bites of aedes Egypti. I’m going to try the hot sauce next time it work better.
  15. I have a method. First I rub with alcohololated cotton all over the bite, thus the bit area dries up. Then I use pinkish caladryl lotion on the bite to ease the itchiness. sometimes I cover with a band-aid in order to stop myself scratching it. I then repeat the process until the itch stop forward.
  16. Hot water: many alternative medicine geeks recommend to boil water as hot as you can bear it, and think it the best cure for a very itchy Mosquito bite. However they recommend using hot water for insect bites that leave you with a huge reaction especially for little kids. It has saved me many sleepless nights. It is not urges you for scratching at all , and therefore the itch goes away for hours and permanently. The steps: Boil water, let it cool enough so it does not burn your skin, compress on the bite until the itching subsides, you can use running hot water from the water tab. It’s time to tell you that your skin will itch intensely under the heat at first but you will notice it stopped itching after about 3 times. I read once the biology behind it and it really does work.

Products Tried by real people

You will wonder how many people get rid of mosquito bites on their way.

  1. Moisturizing: I usually freezing a moisturizing cream for 5 minutes before applying it to my arms and feet. It give some comfort.
  2. EMLA cream: Ask your doctor to give you EMLA cream 2.5%, it has local anesthetics, lidocaine and prilocaine, apply EMLA to the mosquito bites 3 times a day.
  3. Benadryl: Try Benadryl, an extra strength Benadryl pills for mosquito’s allergic reaction, or claritin. When taking Benadryl I get sleepy, in case you ask what to take for mosquito bites before going to bed at night. After waking up next day,the bumps seems smaller or gone.
  4. Caladryl lotion: is the best and commonest for mosquitoe’s bitten skin.
  5. Solarcaine: You can buy from any pharmacy the solarcaine spray, which I spray for sunburn on beach, It can work for mosquito allergy too.
  6. Afterbite: When mosquito bites swell up like crazy I start applying Afterbite often and try not to scratch , it really works, I used for my kids as it the best because it’s not as runny. don’t forget to take an antihistamine. I still use products like afterbite on the market to relieve mosquito itching, which has the active component of ammonia, so I began rubbing with Q-tip to apply enough amount to cover the welt, Afterbite on mosquito bite welt work overnight.
  7. Hydrocortisone: a cream that also helps.
  8. Savlon:  Try a good antiseptic ointment, for me I use savlon or betadine, I always have one in my first aid kit. It works for welts and open mosquito wounds as well.
  9. Professional services: I get bored of such recipes, so I can recommend that you can get rid of mosquitoes by using any pest control product or service out-there.
  10. Gel: There’s a gel named FENISTIL, it is an effective treatment for itchiness and irritated skin caused by mosquito bites.
  11. Windex: I think it’s the simplest remedy is ammonia-containing products as in a window cleaner like “Windex”. Simply spray Windex on a mosquito’s bite. Yes, it can soothe the mosquito bite within 30 minutes, it can stop the itch almost instantly s well the swelling that will go away quickly. Trust me, Windex really works on mosquitoes bites and works on fireant bites the same.
  12. Zyrtec: Whenever I travel to tropical areas, I would end up with many itchy mosquito bites, I can swear that Zyrtec works miracles. Mosquito bites would leave discolored skin but taking Zyrtec at the first sign of bites will help skin heal fast and get back to its normal color.
  13. Mosquito nets: or fans and long sleeves are important precautions before attending to an outdoor activity.
  14. Electric Fan: From the facts that “Mosquitoes are weak flyers” and “Mosquitoes will run away from a breeze of 15 mph or more”. There is a foolproof technique for avoiding mosquito bites in your own patio or backyard. Setup an electric fan to blow across where you are sitting and you won’t see them buzzing around.
  15. Antihistamine (Allegra): Although I live in an area that mosquitoes doesn’t like too much, when I got bitten once, I get horrible itchy welts after mosquito bites me. But a daily Allegra dosage worked for me, an Antihistamine that can treat chronic skin hives and itching after mosquito bites. barely react at all to any bites, so I don’t afraid when I’m in a mosquito territory.
  16. Head Mask: Some people in when at a jungle or forest area, they wear masks on the head backs to ward off tiger attacks, such mask can work for the Aedes aegypti mosquito, because this mosquito can bite skin without being noticed because Aedes aegypti approaches from behind.

Wrong thoughts about Mosquito bites treatments

  1. I rub my skin or scratch a little to reduce the terrible feeling of the bite. Scratching really does not work. scratch it ’til the skin bleeds, it will hurt not just itch.
  2. But I will try the apple cider vinegar. would that work alternatively? ACV is good for bites but not work as much the antihistamines.
  3. I suspect the mosquito is going by smell or some other sense than sight. If i’m going to get bitten it’s generally will be on the arms and legs, or in front. Actually mosquitoes can bite any exposed skin.
  4. I think that the best way to get rid of mosquito bites yourself is to bite the tip off and suck out venom. If you did so, you will make a wound and fill it with a very aggressive bacteria.
  5. I have found, though, that I don’t get nearly as many bites as I did when I was a teenager, and if anything I spend more time outside in parks, woods, etc. (I don’t use any repellent, either.) I wonder if it’s because on my 18th birthday I went vegetarian and have been ever since. Maybe I don’t taste right. (Though when I lived at the Jersey Shore in the 1980s, greenhead flies attacked my ankles – specifically my ankles – with such ferocity as to ring them with welts so large and numerous it looked like I was wearing ruby-studded ankle bracelets.)
  6. Use your fingernail and put an X into it as hard as you can handle to keep it from itching . they go away very fast after that, I think it releases the toxins efficiently, Just let it heal. You may feel better after doing X on the bite, although if you made a wound you may add bacteria and abscess inside.

We asked two doctors about these suggestions, and here what they responded?

As a pediatrician and prolific health doctor, People usually came to me and ask whither to try homemade remedies for mosquitoes large bites, do casual suggestions safe or not?

I think old remedies still work, such as rubbing the mosquitoes bite with banana peels (the inside of it), dabbing on toothpaste, or cover the bite site with mud. However, I can recommend that some natural anti-inflammatory remedies such as evening primrose oil also can help reduce what mosquito bites leave behind, I mean the swelling and itching associated with mosquito bites.

I am a dermatology doctor, many friends ask me “does methanol work to relieve the itching? No, It may increase the burning sensation as it drying the skin applied on it.

However Mentholated powder is used by other people for cooling after mosquitoes have bitten skin.


These are some of the steps you can take within hours immediately after a Mosquito bites. But whenever you start feeling sick in the days ahead, particularly the flu-like symptoms that include neck stiffness, headache, nausea and fever, therefore the mosquito bite could left you with something worse than just an itch. Go to the ER or any doctor.

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