About Us

Who we are?

We are a team of professional agriculture scientists and pest control specialists around the globe who performing, experimenting and finding solutions on a daily basis for (biting creatures and pests control) as well as solving everyday issues that arise to our customers.

We are seeking always to join and networking with other Pest and Bug control professionals who like to expand our database of valuable content. Team members list below.

What’s our goal?

We are working to present professional advice and recommendation of pest problems, bug bites, animal bites, and other biting problems for ordinary people who can’t understand complex medical and scientific expressions.

We just help normal people who have no scientific background understand different insect and animal bites and take advantage of scientific info. and available first aid information to deal with the bite complications until they seek nearest medical care service.

Who may benefit from this service?

  1. Who wants to be reassured about after-bite complications before going to the hospital or doctor.
  2. Who wants recommendations or advice on where to go or what to do before or after insect and animal bites.
  3. Who need to know the recommended first aid and available treatments for most know bites from animals or insects.

Our tools:

  1. Read the already written articles about every insect, every treatment option, and related medical conditions carefully.
  2. You my visit the updated “step by step guide” to choose from the biting creatures or choose from the biting patterns, then choose the appropriate treatment. |What Bit Me? Guide|
  3. You may send your complain anonymously to our professionals to get in-depth information about your results. |Contact us|
  4. You may visit the Resources page, if you need further citations about First aids, animal kingdom science, or dermatology. |Resources|

What we can’t do?

  1. We are not a substitute of face to face medical consultation by a professional specialized doctors.
  2. We aren’t selling any online Treatments (yet).
  3. We don’t offer price lists for treatment options (yet).


We guarantee the highest accuracy of the medical, scientific, and practical information that provided within our web-pages, however, according to the fact that “the information are expanding by researches and may change day after day and year after year”, so that we argue all of our visitors and members to follow us for periodic updates of information.

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to present a simple step by step guide to identify and treat any type of bites from insects or animals, we aren’t doctors and our goal isn’t the medical concerns, instead we focus on control and management methods to avoid, eliminate, doing the first aid, and give you the right directions towards the effective dealing with the biting from insects and animals as well as the management ways of pests, bugs, and nuisance creatures.

We created a section “What Bit Me?”, which has a purpose, to take our visitor though “step by step” checker, at the end the user can know what kind of creatures has bit and how to deal with that.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, we started in 2013 through publishing few blogger posts about pest control and bug removal techniques at house and outdoor, in 2016 we learned what things people are concerned about and what in demands by our visitors, so that we moved to WordPress.

Actually, our team members gain experience everyday from people’s comments and messages, the thing that make us very updated with information, and therefore we deliver our users with the latest and upgraded methods to get rid of pests and bugs as well as their painful bites and stings.

Everyday users are our partners in success, as they engage with us and put our hands on the current issues that arise every single day.

That was the opportunity we saw and how our passion led to the creation of something new.

Meet the Team

Because people want to know who they’re doing business with. It’s a human thing. Let’s know about the people who make our business go.

Author: Sarah Edmond (click to read her posts)

Granted a BSc in Agriculture & Animal Science. Passed 3 Pest Control and Pest Management Training Programs (yet). Over 5 years experience in the following industries: Pest control, Pharmaceuticals, Animal Health. Read many books and researches about veterinarian and environmental health. Participated in many round-table and workshops to discuss and find solutions to the public health issues including pest problems.

        Medical reviewer: see her posts at: Dr.Megan Ralf 

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