Treatment of Mosquito Bites on Eyelid

Possibly, a mosquito bit your eyelid accidentally, a very sensitive area to get bitten on,

  • Is it a mosquito bite on eyelids or a inflammation?
  • Do Mosquitoes bite eyelids?
  • What should you do to treat eyelid mosquito bites?

Yes, Mosquitoes can bite eyelids especially when you’re sleeping.

Actually, a mosquito bite on your eyelid will cause a very unbearable intense itching, progressive swelling within later minutes, difficult opening of eyes, sleeping disturbances especially on kids eyes.

Infection from mosquito bites can worsen the bite and leave a small single white bubble which is filled with puss cells.

Stye, a Staphylococcus bacteria infection, it is another puss filled swelling on eyelids and can’t be differentiated from infected mosquito bites, luckily the treatment of many inflammation bumps is the same, antibiotics.

Allergic reaction from a mosquito bite on eyelids must be administered by OTC antihistamine cream and pills as soon as possible, however bigger swelling must be seen by a physician.

Actually, an irritant can cause eyelids to swell, so that it’s better to identify the possible causes before searching for a treatment for mosquito bite on eyelid.

Cellulitis Of Eyelids (medical term: Periorbital Cellulitis) is another cause of eyelid enlargement, the medical condition is treated differently.

The difference between Cellulitis Of Eyelids and mosquito bites, cellulitis usually surround the eye from all sides while a mosquito bite on one location, usually mosquito bite swell the above the eyelids an not below eyes because the eyelash obstacle mosquitos.

The only distinguishing factor for eyelid swellings: is that from mosquito bites will see bite center while eyelid cellulitis and irritated eyelids will not have a swelling center.

Other than small red swelling on eyelid may be refer to another serious reaction and must be consulted by a doctor

Mosquito bites on eyelid look like reddish swollen ball on the eyelid, the size almost as a coin.

Healing time

Swelling and itchiness on eyelid from a mosquito bite will pass withing a day, although the appearance of the bite itself my still be seen for next days bu without a danger.

Differences between mosquito bites on eyelids and cellulitis, stye, eye lift, vs normal.
Differences between mosquito bites on eyelids and cellulitis, stye, eye lift, vs normal.

Treating eyelids mosquito bites with conventional ice packs can be good but not for more than 15 minutes a day to avoid hurting your skin.

Aloe vera is the most suitable natural treatment of mosquito bite swelling and itchiness on eyelids because it’s natural and is a good soother if leaked into eyes.

Baking Soda paste on the bitten area on the eye would show immediate relieve, calming down inflammation and eventually stop swelling.

It’s unwise to use some methods to soothe eyelid’s mosquito bites, including:

Hot spoon, hair dryer, Epsom salt, essential oils, vinegar, wine, alcohol pads, minced garlic and onions.

All of them can treat the swelling and itching but have a very dangerous irritating effect on eyes and you will not be able to be safe when using volatile chemicals nearby eyes.

Also I prepared a full home remedies list for mosquito bites.

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