What happens if a vaccinated dog bites you?

The short answer is, If a dog is taking the vaccines in the right durations, then you don’t worry if you bit by him, unless you notice fever or local swelling, then you must go to ER.

and below are the explanation, why you shouldn’t worry when get bites by a dog that were vaccinated.

Vaccines for dogs or puppies (puppies) is the first step that must be considered for dog breeders to maintain the health of the dog and protect it from various diseases.

If you buy a new dog, the first step is to take care of his health by vaccinating dogs or puppies against fatal viral diseases

As the various dog vaccinations help protect the dog or puppy from many viral diseases that may cause the dog to die

Dog vaccination helps protect your dog from contracting very dangerous diseases.

Dog diseases are sometimes fatal or difficult to treat and take very long times to treat.

Dog vaccinations are also useful in raising the animal’s immunity in general. In the case of reproduction, the vaccination of dogs helps to protect children or puppies (puppies) from any viral infection transmitted by the mother, whether during childbirth or during breastfeeding.

Dog vaccination is divided into two types:

Dog vaccination takes place in two stages. Each stage has its own vaccinations, which should not be skipped under any circumstances. This is to preserve the health of your beloved animal as well as the health of you and your family.

The first type: the eight vaccinations for dogs:

The eight vaccination system acquired this name because it is in which the dog is vaccinated to prevent the 8 most common viral diseases that kill dogs.

These diseases are Parvovirus or Parvovirus, Dystmember Disease or Dystomer Virus, Paranavirus, Hepatitis Disease, Leptospira disease, Coronavirus and Adenovirus Disease.

These diseases are fatal to animals and the death rate reaches 80% of infected dogs.

Therefore, the dog must be vaccinated with the eight vaccinations to preserve the life of the dog.

The second type: dogs vaccinations against rabies:

Rabies is the most severe disease transmitted from animals to humans. Rabies or rabies is transmitted by biting or through the saliva of an infected animal with this virus.

Rabies disease without treatment, so it is a deadly disease.

The dog’s vaccination against rabies is done to preserve the life of humans, especially the life of the dog’s breeder, and also to preserve the life of the dog.

That is why we always stress attention to the dog vaccination schedule and timing. We also assure that this is the only way to preserve your pet’s life and people’s safety for as long as possible.

Duration of effectiveness for anti-rabies vaccine for humans:

The vaccination provides immunity for up to 2 years. It is recommended to monitor blood and check the level of antibodies (immunoglobulins) every 6 to 12 months for people at risk of developing rabies (such as those traveling to countries where the disease is endemic, veterinarians and animal workers).

The vaccine that works against rabies

Is left from live attenuated vaccines (live attenuated vaccines). Produced in cell culture (cell culture) from animal source (birds). When the vaccine is given, the body produces antibodies (antibodies).

The fidelity of the two-case active rabies vaccine for human:

  1. Being infected with rabies before exposure. People who are at risk to declare danger, such as workers, animals, veterinarians, and people for trekking in countries where rabies are endemic are at risk.
  2. To prevent the emergence of rabies after exposure to an accident in which exposure to rabies has occurred, such as being bitten or touched by animals suspected of having rabies.

The vaccination is given as a series of injections that are injected into the muscle of the arm, so that the injection program is determined by the medical staff, taking into account the goal of the vaccination (prevention of infection or following exposure to the disease), the severity of the infection and the person’s immune status.

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