Bed Bugs Bites

What are the damage caused by Bedbugs to humans?

The bedbug is considered an insect that does not cause serious harm to humans, but it may leave a trace, and the harms of being bitten by a bedbug include the following:

  1. May cause feeling unable to breathe.
  2. May cause unexplained runny nose.
  3. In some cases, the individual may develop anaphylaxis.
  4. Red spots may appear on the skin.
  5. The rash appears and the desire to itch continuously, and that itching may cause severe wounds to the skin.
  6. You may be a serious vector of disease from person to person.
  7. Cause insomnia as a result of the continuous bites of a sleeping person.

Types of Bedbugs

  1. Bed bugs
    It is one of the most important types of bedbugs that attack the bed a lot and the bed and make it its home as it confronts a person, and takes him as his prey.
    It is not required that bugs be found in dirty and dirty places, but this is not true on the contrary, that bugs come in clean and well-groomed places, especially hotels and clean homes.
    Bed bugs appear as a reaction to the use of insecticides as they try to defend themselves for fear of the smells of these insecticides. We may find a set of reasons behind the emergence of this bugs as it appears in a large, clear and in large numbers as it escapes from quiet places, and appears in places where people gather and social circles in a large and clear way, such as travel and moving from one place to another, hospitals and hotels.

2. Kitchen bugs

May be called “pantry pest” It is a bug that attacks the kitchen, which aims to eat the foods that are stored in the kitchens inside the different shelves and cabinets, including rice, sugar, sweets and various grains.
The main reason behind the appearance of kitchen bugs in kitchens is to leave food exposed for long periods of time, and also the presence of small holes and holes that you may not see, in the packages that exist and are purchased from stores on this basis.
The long time that food is stored, such as flour, rice and other foods, and so makes it come and attract them to those foods.

6 Tested Pesticides to Eliminate Bedbugs

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner: has a great and clear role in getting rid of bedbugs when cleaning carpets and rugs through it and vacuuming dust through it, as it gets rid of bugs as well.
  2. Using mothballs: it can quickly and effectively eliminate bed bugs, as it is placed inside the wardrobes and under the mattress.
  3. It is possible to use mint: which works to treat sinus infections and headaches, as it has a very pungent smell that works to get rid of bedbugs completely in the home.
  4. Temprid FX insecticide: It is one of the most common insecticides that work to eliminate insects in general and bugs in particular. It is completely safe for use on the health of animals and the human being who uses it, so it has no side effects on the health of those who spray it and use it. It is very easy and effective to eliminate bedbugs through the use of various insecticides, as it kills them instantly. It is easy and good to apply this repellent easily to crevices in walls, and bedugs hiding places and indoors.
  5. Anti-Bedbug Powder: It is a powder that is used to eliminate bugs and other crawling insects. One of the most important advantages of this powder is that it has great effectiveness as it can get rid of the bugs permanently and completely and even destroy it forever. It destroys the internal organs of bugs, which contributes to its immediate and effective elimination. It does not cause any damage or even side effects to human health and even animals, as it is not harmful to the health of anyone in the place surrounding it.
  6. Spectre 2 sc: Without smell as it has no harmful or unpleasant smell. One of the most important features of it is that it has a light and effective scent that does not harm or becomes unpleasantly acrid. We recommend that it be sprayed in each of the following places of the house, which are cracks in the walls, walls, hanging pictures, and also, in electrical sockets and under furniture with behind the different places of frames.

Where Do Bed bugs Come From?

The answer need explanations about the places of bedbugs disappearance, or of where the bed bugs are hidden?

They hide in general in the cracks of rooms, walls, and holes also in which they are located, unfortunately they are found in places that are difficult to reach, or recognize them as they do not see with the naked eye because they are a very small insect and it has a flat body, which makes it difficult to big movement and makes them lazy move from one place to another place with ease.

You can also find these bed bugs inside electronic devices or even inside any cracks or holes, or even inside the holes in the bed, and the little holes that are inside them as they contain about eight to ten types of these bedbug regret inside those places.

Do bed-bugs fly? there, we have provided you with a set of the most important information and details about movement of bed bugs, as well as details of their ability to fly or jump even walk over long distances. Significantly and clearly you were well.

Where do the bedbugs come from?

Bed bugs live in caves a lot since they were founded and raised in caves where bats in the winter season are found in caves.
The bats drop their heads during their sleep at night, and then the bugs come to feed their blood as they hide and hide in the cracks and walls that exist in caves.

The bugs take advantage of the absence of bats in these caves and hide them and between the walls in particular, where they can enter their sleep for many years, making them able to withstand hunger for two years or more.

The bugs wake up and get out of their daily hibernation with ease when they feel the presence of humans in their hiding place due to getting new meals, including blood and proper and appropriate nutrition for them.

When the human appeared in the cave, the number of bugs developed and increased significantly and in a large quantity, and when the person moved from caves to urban areas, he brought with him large quantities of bugs, which found warmth, food, and the ability to face enemies in those places as I found a group of cracks, walls and caves to be able to hide with it.

The bugs appeared and moved to our lives after that, as it was able to reach the person, where he became accompanying to the human being with him just as they became living in a large way with us, and part of us prefers that some people rise as it is rare to bite and pinch both cats and dogs because they will be in need To face its own fur in order for it to bite properly.

Bed bugs are able to knit fabrics a lot since their feet contain sticky substances that work to cling to other places, and therefore they prefer to resort to fabrics and furniture rather than relying on the walls of caves in which they lived in the past.

It has spread widely in several different places, especially in North America, in different hotel rooms to house systems in particular, as it appeared from every place at the beginning of our century as it came out of every place in the city where if no one had heard of it before About 25 years old, but fortunately there are a bunch of ways to eliminate and get rid of it.

The reasons for the emergence of bugs in the house

Shortly: bedbugs appear when they need a meal, here’re some details.

Bedbugs feed mainly on blood as it is the main meal for them that works to complete their sexual organs and when they are completed, we find the necessity for that to be a set of blood meals as their full maturity stage needs about food only once each of Five to ten full days.

There is no appropriate time for the bugs to eat blood in them from the human body, as they surreptitiously suck the blood at any time, as the bite period for this insect takes about ten minutes, but it takes very small quantities, and thus the best time to bite it for a person is during his sleep it is still and does not move at all.

Bed bugs do not prefer to stay for long periods of time standing on the human body, especially since the body does not have thick hair and therefore cannot stand on the human body, and cling to it for long periods, especially since the person is in a state of continued movement.

The bug insect hides inside the bed and disguises it, provided that a person is bitten through it several times repeatedly in order to be fed and get blood each time, provided that the special shape of some bugs is in three bites in only one place of the body, especially For bed bugs.

Where can I search for bedbugs?

It is known that bugs are found in the areas where most people sleep, and they also live in the cracks in the bed, and there are many other places that bugs can live in which cannot be seen inside, and among those places are the following:

  1. It lives in the frames in the beds.
  2. Bed bugs can live in closed boxes.
  3. Bugs can also live in paints that get stuck in infusion and peeling.
  4. It may live under wallpaper that is not properly installed.
  5. It can live under the carpet.
  6. Can be found in upholstered furniture, especially in the folds between areas.
  7. Bed bugs may live in the area of ​​electrical outlets.
  8. The bug bug is characterized by that it moves easily and quickly.
  9. Bedbugs can move easily through fabric and clothing
  10. Bed bugs are fast moving faster than beetle insects.

It’s an annoying insect that stings and leaves a trace on the skin.

How to recognize the presence of bedbugs in a place?

There are many signs by which it is possible to identify and confirm the spread of bedbugs in the place, and these signs include the following:

  1. Bugs appear larger than normal, have a brown color and an oval body.
  2. White bug eggs can spread between cracks in walls, ceilings, or even furniture.
  3. The presence of crusts that indicate the presence of bedbugs, as the bugs change the outer shell of the body, such as snakes.
  4. Spread of brown or black spots, which are the residues of bugs.
  5. The spread of small crevices in which the bug population lives.

In conclusion

On the reasons for the emergence of bugs in the house, we have presented to you in this interesting topic about a group of the most important types of bugs, as well as all the details of the life of bedbugs and the nature of their bite on humans and the extent of their damage to the health of the body so we hope that you have benefited from this topic greatly and clearly as long as you Fine.

Ways Bedbugs Find Food

How Could bedbugs get their meal?

The bedbugs feed on the blood, and it is the main meal for them and the original as they search for them during the night, and then they feed on it as soon as they find it and as soon as it is asleep during the night, and their bite does not take a long time as it takes about ten minutes Just.
As for the method of human attraction to this bug insect, the bedbug can recognize this human presence or not through two methods, the first method is the high temperature that occurs to a person when he sleeps, as it is attracted to that high temperature and also because of the carbon dioxide gas that It results from the breathing process and especially the exhalation process.

The bugs feed on the blood of the victim, and when she finishes her food, a bedbug disappears and returns to her original place again, bedbug then may hide, for days or even weeks, until she returns again to her place in order to hide, which makes the matter of obtaining her or recognizing her location inside the house and it takes Long time to reveal its presence.

Can Bed Bugs Fly or Jump or Move Their Nest?

Bugs are very famous and clear and known as one of the most difficult types of bugs, especially bed bugs, but it is worth noting that we know that bugs do not fly, as they cannot fly or even jump, as they cannot even fly or land.

It is a small insect and its body is in an oval shape, as if its body shape takes the form of wings, but despite that it cannot fly, and it is called bed bugs because it remains present near the bed because it is active at night as it waits for a person to bite him at night during His sleep period does not appear at all during the day.

In the event that you have seen this bug fly, then this does not mean that it is a bedbug already. It could be any other insect that looks similar to it, but it is good at flying as the bedbugs can never fly or even rise up, so it is all their job and its work is to feed on human blood Especially sleeper.

Bugs jump or not

Bed bugs do not jump or even fly like other insects, as they cannot fly or even jump long distances, like fleas or beetles for the search for food, as they have wings, but they cannot fly at all.

Bed bugs cannot fly or even jump and therefore it is called bed bugs because they’re lazy insects that does not stand up or seek to search and obtain a livelihood, or the food that it wants and therefore remains near food, meaning that we will find it dwelling in the beds or resolving it beside the human

Its source of food and therefore you will also find it moving with the luggage in hotels or even inside used furniture that was in it before.

It only has six legs that help it crawl from one place to another, unlike the flea bug, which has very strong legs, which help and enable it to move quickly and jump very long distances even though it has a small size times the size of this bug.

Although the flea also feeds on blood like bedbugs, bedbugs cannot move to another place. They hang on the skin, and also on travel bags or clothes. They remain attached to it completely without moving and thus easy to eliminate because it does not move or even It does not become active.

Are bedbugs able to climbing on walls?

The bedbugs are able to climb up walls and reach ceiling, but what bodes well here is that the bed bugs are able to climb ceiling and walls when the infection is very large, and the bugs have built their own nest and also for a long time stay inside the house and penetrate it without treatment or resistance and combating it for a period Not less than six months and up to a year, but there is clear information that bugs can never climb onto soft walls.

The bugs do not move from one place to another, but they build their own nest next to the food source that they feed on, where we find them building the nest next to the victim’s bed and you can know about the presence of bed bugs or not by seeing the effects of the bite on the victim’s body.

There are many people who are bitten by bedbugs, we find that they move from their place to another place in the house, but it is annoying and deeply wrong, because this means that the bedbugs move their nest in order to search for their food process to another place. Makes it move to different parts of the house and thus it spreads greatly and is very bad.

We advise people when they feel that they have been bitten by bugs for more than a day in a row not to move away from the place where they sleep, and not to go to another place to sleep, but we recommend that they remain present until the bedbugs can be eliminated and get rid of them, so there is no need to worry about the bedbugs bites for you as these bites do not affect or even harm a person in any way.

2 Main Signs of the Bed Bugs spread in Your Home

Many people suffer from bugs,

Bed bugs multiply rapidly, as the female lays up to 300 eggs, and itching during sleep is one of the most common warning signs of the presence of bed bugs, according to “24 website”.

Other signs of bed bugs include seeing their residue and droppings on sheets or pillowcases.

The British Express newspaper mentioned two main signs that indicate the presence of bed bugs:

1. The external structure of the insect
A bed bug has an external structure that it gets rid of at one of its life stages, and in the event that this insect is present in your home, you may find this structure on your bed, and it resembles a shell, as the black spots indicate the remains of bedbug excrement.

  1. Having an unusual smell

Like many types of bugs, bed bugs emit odors called stimulating pheromones. This substance may be produced from bug feces, and other odors that resemble the scent of coriander can be found on bed linen and pillows.

How do you deal with bed bug bites?

  1. Apply something cold like a clean, damp cloth to the affected area to help relieve itching and swelling. This method used for most of insect bites.
  2. Keep the affected area clean.
  3. Do not scratch the bite to avoid infections.
  4. Additionally, you can also ask the pharmacist to use a mild steroid cream such as hydrocortisone cream to relieve symptoms of bed bug bites.