Types of Bedbugs

  1. Bed bugs
    It is one of the most important types of bedbugs that attack the bed a lot and the bed and make it its home as it confronts a person, and takes him as his prey.
    It is not required that bugs be found in dirty and dirty places, but this is not true on the contrary, that bugs come in clean and well-groomed places, especially hotels and clean homes.
    Bed bugs appear as a reaction to the use of insecticides as they try to defend themselves for fear of the smells of these insecticides. We may find a set of reasons behind the emergence of this bugs as it appears in a large, clear and in large numbers as it escapes from quiet places, and appears in places where people gather and social circles in a large and clear way, such as travel and moving from one place to another, hospitals and hotels.

2. Kitchen bugs

May be called “pantry pest” It is a bug that attacks the kitchen, which aims to eat the foods that are stored in the kitchens inside the different shelves and cabinets, including rice, sugar, sweets and various grains.
The main reason behind the appearance of kitchen bugs in kitchens is to leave food exposed for long periods of time, and also the presence of small holes and holes that you may not see, in the packages that exist and are purchased from stores on this basis.
The long time that food is stored, such as flour, rice and other foods, and so makes it come and attract them to those foods.

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