2 Main Signs of the Bed Bugs spread in Your Home

Many people suffer from bugs,

Bed bugs multiply rapidly, as the female lays up to 300 eggs, and itching during sleep is one of the most common warning signs of the presence of bed bugs, according to “24 website”.

Other signs of bed bugs include seeing their residue and droppings on sheets or pillowcases.

The British Express newspaper mentioned two main signs that indicate the presence of bed bugs:

1. The external structure of the insect
A bed bug has an external structure that it gets rid of at one of its life stages, and in the event that this insect is present in your home, you may find this structure on your bed, and it resembles a shell, as the black spots indicate the remains of bedbug excrement.

  1. Having an unusual smell

Like many types of bugs, bed bugs emit odors called stimulating pheromones. This substance may be produced from bug feces, and other odors that resemble the scent of coriander can be found on bed linen and pillows.

How do you deal with bed bug bites?

  1. Apply something cold like a clean, damp cloth to the affected area to help relieve itching and swelling. This method used for most of insect bites.
  2. Keep the affected area clean.
  3. Do not scratch the bite to avoid infections.
  4. Additionally, you can also ask the pharmacist to use a mild steroid cream such as hydrocortisone cream to relieve symptoms of bed bug bites.

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