6 Tested Pesticides to Eliminate Bedbugs

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner: has a great and clear role in getting rid of bedbugs when cleaning carpets and rugs through it and vacuuming dust through it, as it gets rid of bugs as well.
  2. Using mothballs: it can quickly and effectively eliminate bed bugs, as it is placed inside the wardrobes and under the mattress.
  3. It is possible to use mint: which works to treat sinus infections and headaches, as it has a very pungent smell that works to get rid of bedbugs completely in the home.
  4. Temprid FX insecticide: It is one of the most common insecticides that work to eliminate insects in general and bugs in particular. It is completely safe for use on the health of animals and the human being who uses it, so it has no side effects on the health of those who spray it and use it. It is very easy and effective to eliminate bedbugs through the use of various insecticides, as it kills them instantly. It is easy and good to apply this repellent easily to crevices in walls, and bedugs hiding places and indoors.
  5. Anti-Bedbug Powder: It is a powder that is used to eliminate bugs and other crawling insects. One of the most important advantages of this powder is that it has great effectiveness as it can get rid of the bugs permanently and completely and even destroy it forever. It destroys the internal organs of bugs, which contributes to its immediate and effective elimination. It does not cause any damage or even side effects to human health and even animals, as it is not harmful to the health of anyone in the place surrounding it.
  6. Spectre 2 sc: Without smell as it has no harmful or unpleasant smell. One of the most important features of it is that it has a light and effective scent that does not harm or becomes unpleasantly acrid. We recommend that it be sprayed in each of the following places of the house, which are cracks in the walls, walls, hanging pictures, and also, in electrical sockets and under furniture with behind the different places of frames.

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