Ways Bedbugs Find Food

How Could bedbugs get their meal?

The bedbugs feed on the blood, and it is the main meal for them and the original as they search for them during the night, and then they feed on it as soon as they find it and as soon as it is asleep during the night, and their bite does not take a long time as it takes about ten minutes Just.
As for the method of human attraction to this bug insect, the bedbug can recognize this human presence or not through two methods, the first method is the high temperature that occurs to a person when he sleeps, as it is attracted to that high temperature and also because of the carbon dioxide gas that It results from the breathing process and especially the exhalation process.

The bugs feed on the blood of the victim, and when she finishes her food, a bedbug disappears and returns to her original place again, bedbug then may hide, for days or even weeks, until she returns again to her place in order to hide, which makes the matter of obtaining her or recognizing her location inside the house and it takes Long time to reveal its presence.

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