Do Fleas Transmit Diseases?

The study conducted by Gerhard Doppler and Martin Fever on July 18, 2011, confirmed that there are some diseases that are transmitted through fleas, such as plague, which is one of the most widespread diseases throughout history, and murine typhus, and in 1990 AD was discovered spotted fever,

where this is transmitted Diseases caused by fleas in two ways, the first way is through the transmission of pathogens from fleas to living organisms while they suck their blood, or by feces of fleas that carry pathogens and their transmission by scratches on the body of the organism.

The flea is a parasite that transmits human pathogens, such as typhus and plague, and the flea can transmit cat-scratch disease (Bartonella infection) between cats,

which may cause its transmission to humans later, and the flea acts as an intermediary host for tapeworms that can infect pets or humans . Fleas can transmit various diseases and germs, such as plague and typhus, as fleas carry diseases and infect humans directly or infect animals and then humans.

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