What is The meaning of the presence of flies in house

Learn about the causes of the frequent spread of flies during this period of the year

Flies” spread heavily at this time every year during the autumn season and with the onset of the winter season due to climatic changes and the changing seasons of the year, which causes great suffering among Egyptians.

Recently, many questions have spread on social media about the phenomenon of the flies spreading intensely during this period and about the damage that can be caused by the spread of flies.

And d. Muhammad Ali Fahim, Professor of Climate Change at the Agricultural Research Center, explained that the reason for the widespread spread of flies during the current period is that the thermal fluctuations between day and night are the highest possible, and with high humidity, the activity of insects increases in certain climatic conditions.

He pointed out that there is now an increase in activity in flies and a decrease in reproduction, unlike the summer season, there is an increase in reproduction and a decrease in activity, and the activity is very high due to normal and abnormal, the first is the result of the separation between the seasons, and it is not normal because there are increased fluctuations in the difference between the night temperature Day and increased humidity, in addition to early rains in the fall, all of these reasons lead to an increase in unusual activity of flies.

He explained that it is common for flies to be in an abnormal movement between seasons, but what is not normal is the density in which they are present, as a result of changing the weather, indicating that flies come between seasons, and have “high sensitivities”, so summer is their preferred season and winter is not preferred. And it will appear a little in it.

He advised the need to pay attention to home cleanliness, and to use natural methods to repel flies from homes, such as using essential oils such as mint oil, cloves, tea tree, and lemon, by adding a spoonful of two types of them in a liter of water, shaking it and then spraying it to repel mosquitoes.

It is noteworthy that flies are of the genus of insects that belong to the family of flies and are considered from the division of arthropods, and there are thousands of types of flies in the whole world, and flies also spread and appear abundantly in the early summer and early autumn, and flies are characterized by their small size and multiple colors, and have some benefits and some harm In human life.

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