What Do Gnat Bites Look Like? With HD Gnat Pictures

After get bitten, typically, a gnat bite on human skin looks like a small wounds; or tiny simple pinprick; or narrow red spot locally at the site of the bite along with immediate swelling around the center of the bite, wound-like bites of gnats are due to using their mouth parts that look like scissors to cut our skin and suck blood.

Swelling will be seen directly after you feel the bite. if you scratch hard the gnat bite will be infected, thus it may swell larger and contain pus, infected gnat bites looks like a sac filled of pus or water.

Almost gnat species that do bite leave the same bite shape and size, some nats are predacious than others, and thus show more nasty bites, but this is another story, be tuned. Biting gnats Pictures

Gnats don’t leave any mouth-parts after biting like bees do, bees leave its stinger immersed in the skin.

Just look to the images below and compare with the bites your received to know if it was a gnat bite or another insect bite, of course images will not match 100% but at least they will help you identify the looking of knat bites well.

Here’s what do swollen gnat bites look like

Here’s what do infected gnat bites look like

Infection after gnat bites are common, as biting gnat species leave a wound that is prone to microbial invasion, it looks like balloon or blisters which formed due to bacterial infection after gnat bites.

Hidden and Unnoticed Gnat Bites

Gnats are smaller that they can bite and hide, you can’t know what bit your skin, some gnats on the rear side resembles mosquito bites, some bites on the legs looks like fleas bites, you need a good attention next time to notice the tiny fliers that bite and don’t see them. Look like small patches of blood due to opening of the skin by the gnats mouth.

Gnat Bites on Equine Skin

Biting gnats can bite human and livestock animals as well, however, stable gnats can do dangerous wounds after biting, thus they cause harmful anemia to the equine and other farm animals like cows and broilers.

gnat bites on a horse skin


If you feel a sharp painful sting on scruff of your neck; around ears; on exposed arm or leg, and the feeling sounds like a sharp cut of a razor blade, it’s a gnat bite. so that, identifying such small flyer depends on both the shape of its bite and the strong feeling, thus you can differentiate gnat bites from other insect bites.

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