Do Mosquitoes know who bites

It is usually noticed that mosquitoes bite some and do not come close to others. What is the secret behind this, and how do mosquitoes distinguish their victims?

According to the scientists, it turned out that the first victims of mosquitoes were people with a specific blood type, because mosquitoes since ancient times have been accustomed to this type, which is the first blood type (A).

People with blood type (B) are, to mosquitoes, “sweets” and they get most allergic reaction from mosquitos, but people with blood type (AB) or (O) do not interest the mosquitoes and are rarely attacked by them.

The carbon gases resulting from the human breathing process also play an important role in mosquitoes choosing their victims, and when a high percentage of these gases are released, the mosquitoes will attack this person, as these insects feel the amount of gases released 50 meters away, according to what was published by Russia Today.

But there is a substance that stimulates the appetite and interest of mosquitoes, which is lactic acid, which is included in the composition of sweat released from the human body, as well as body temperature.


According to the experts from the United States, mosquitoes not only distinguish and sense smells, but can also see, as mosquitoes are interested in bright colors in clothes such as red and blue, but mosquitoes prefer black. Therefore, before you go out to nature, and the places where you are likely to meet with mosquitoes, think carefully about the color of the clothes that you will wear.

to be continued…

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