When does the winter mosquito appear? How do I get rid of it?

Mosquitoes or mosquitoes usually disappear with low temperatures in the winter, but they do not disappear completely, as they have their ways of hiding during very cold times, and some types of mosquitoes enter what is called a “hibernation state”, especially in areas where a warm spring comes after a cold winter, It stays in its lairs until the temperatures improve, and then starts reappearing.

We are going to devote this post to answering the question “When does winter mosquito appear?”, mentioning how to get rid of it at home, so continue reading.

When does the winter mosquito appear? Some types of mosquitoes go into hibernation during cold weather, while others wait for the spring to come out, and other types come out on warm winter days, for this reason mosquitoes appear on sunny days in winter.

A few mosquitoes hatch in the fall, hiding at the bottom of swimming pools to protect themselves from freezing, while adult mosquitoes die when the weather gets cold, but leave their young, or “winter eggs,” which live in frigid temperatures, and lie dormant in the ground like Seeds, until temperatures improve and come out then.

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Every woman is keen to make her home clean and free of any insects, and she does everything in her power to achieve this.

mosquitoes winter appear

Through the following lines, we will present to you simple and effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes:

  1. Check doors and windows: the main source of insects entering your home are the gaps in the windows and doors, be sure to seal them, to prevent mosquitoes from entering completely, and there can be holes in the metal wires installed on the windows, look for them and treat them as well.
  2. Use an ultrasonic insecticide: Ultrasound insecticide devices emit annoying frequencies to insects, and drive them out of the house, and the beautiful thing is that it is not harmful to you or your family, as it does not release any chemicals that negatively affect health.
  3. Expel it with camphor oil: camphor oil has many health benefits, such as treating burns, relieving pain, and treating arthritis pain , as well as a good mosquito repellent, all you have to do, put a quantity of it in every room of the house, with all doors and windows closed,
  4. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then open it again, you can do this before leaving the house so that the smell does not bother you.
  5. Kill its larvae with garlic: Garlic contains natural antioxidants, helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease , and lowers blood pressure, in addition to being mosquito repellent thanks to its strong pungent smell and properties that help exterminate mosquito larvae, all you have to do is crush some garlic cloves, and boil them in Water for a while, pour the mixture into a bottle, and spray all corners of the house with it, this will prevent mosquitoes from approaching your house.
  6. Get rid of it in an ice bowl: We exhale carbon dioxide so mosquitoes are attracted to us, and it also emits snow, so all you have to do is put it in a bowl, and when mosquitoes are attracted to it, close the lid. Although this method is time consuming, it is very effective and safe for your family.
  7. Use the mosquito trap: The mosquito trap looks like a traditional solution, but it is effective and inexpensive, and it is available in markets and supermarkets, use it to kill mosquitoes quickly.

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