3 Remedies the pepper, garlic and soap to make homemade effective Insecticide

Every organic garden should take its yield from insects, and this is normal
Our way of controlling insects in organic farming is to use ready-made organic pesticides or make natural pesticides at home

The pesticide that we will make is pepper and garlic pesticide
Its jet scent and heat are enough to repel and irritate harmful insects

This pesticide is a killer in addition to insect repellent

The main ingredients of this pesticide are water + pepper + garlic + soap

For this pesticide, I picked very hot peppers from the garden

You can also add dried chili

Put a whole head of garlic and an equal amount of hot pepper in a blender, and add 4 cups of water

Blend the mixture well

Add another 4 cups of water, and leave the mixture to soak for at least two hours or overnight
I like to wrap the blender nozzles with plastic because the mixture smells jet

After the mixture is soaked, add a teaspoon of soap.. You can use dish soap / or natural soap
In this step, you can add a teaspoon of olive oil

Strain the mixture to separate the solid granules

After filtering, add 4 more cups to loosen the mixture more

The diluted pesticide is filled with a spray can and tested on a small part of the plant to ensure that it is not allergic. Like trying any skin product.

If the pesticide has been tested and the plant does not show signs of fatigue after a day in the place of the experiment, it is sprayed naturally..
Spray the pesticide on the affected plants, taking care to spray under the leaves, where insects hide
Also spray nearby plants for prevention

Spraying is done every two days for two weeks to eliminate insects and their larvae and stop their reproduction
Spraying should be in the morning or afternoon, to avoid the noon period with vertical sun

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