10 Quick Steps to Take to Survive If a Snake Bites You

Most snake bites occur when someone accidentally approaches a snake while walking in the countryside in particular, and some snakes are very poisonous, as the sting from a venomous snake is a medical emergency because it can be fatal if not treated quickly, and here we offer you quick ways to deal As a sting, according to the British health services website “NHS”.

What do you do after a snake bite?

Immediately after being bitten by a snake you should:

  1. Keep calm and do not panic, as snake bites are rarely fatal in an instant.
  2. Try to remember the shape, size and color of the snake.
  3. Leave the body part that has been bitten as still as possible to prevent the poison from spreading around your body.
  4. Remove any jewelry and watches from the affected limb, as they may injure your skin if this part swells from the sting.
  5. Do not try to remove any clothes.
  6. Do not try to absorb the venom from the sting.
  7. Do not try to get the venom out of the sting or to make it bleed.
  8. Do not rub anything into the wound or apply ice or chemicals.
  9. Do not place anything around the affected limb to prevent the spread of poison, such as a narrow pressure tape or ligaments, because it will not help, and it can cause swelling or make it worse, and it can damage the limb, which leads to the need for amputation.
  10. Seek immediate medical attention to take the toxin vaccine.