What Insects are Abundant During January and February This Year?

Checklist of bugs and pests that out during the winter months January and February every year,

Not many insects are active in the winter, but the nymphs of dragonflies, mayflies and stoneflies live in waters of ponds and streams, often beneath ice. They feed actively and grow all winter to emerge as adults in early spring.

What months are bugs most active?
Summer is prime-time for insects. Warmer weather provides perfect conditions for pests to prosper. Ticks and fleas are two parasites that are plentiful during the summer months.

Household Insects

Fungus gnats: Adults commonly are observed around windows and around the soil of potted plants
where they originate.

Indian meal moth: Adult moths emerge from stored foods and can be seen flying around homes.

Carpet beetles: Some adults may emerge and be found in homes.

Boxelder bugs, cluster flies: Overwintered adults become active in and around homes.

Firewood insects: Bark beetles and wood borers emerge from stored wood in homes