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What bit me in Maryland looks like a huge hollow-middle pimple?

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Woke up with pain on my back. Husband took a picture. He says it looks like a huge pimple, but the middle is hollow and red. Anyone know what bit me in Maryland?

What bit me in Maryland looks like a huge hollow-middle pimple


Lets describe the bite appearance as seen in the image:

  1. the puncture is single, big and has no definite edges as known spider or tick bites
  2. looks deeper and wider than most common insect bites
  3. it’s similar to pustules especially on the back.


  1. abscess that grown and squashed somewhat then left that manifestation, tell your husband to touch it carefully with a sterile cotton or some kind of a plastic tool if inflammatory liquor identified, then it certainly a pustule, treatment can be a proper antiseptic.
  2. Spider bite or another insect bite that developed into abscess, also antiseptics can resolve it but with proper identification as said.

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