Mosquito Bites Swelling: symptoms and treatment with HD pictures

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  • Infected bite swelling
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  • On sensitive skin: face, breasts, eyes, testes
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It’s summer and all of us are wearing less, that enough to make your skin looks delicious to mosquitos, when I walk through woods I get hundreds of mosquito bites on my ankles and arms,and it gone worse if I get bitten on my face and all my face looks swollen.

In a glance;

If your doctor is full up till weekend, then you’re at the right place, lets share with you some information about swollen bites by mosquitos, then suggest you treatment ideas that really worked for many bitten persons and help relief and reduce swelling after bites.

Most known mosquito bites swelling is skeeter syndrome, if you mean it go to Skeeter Syndrome Guidance

What do Mosquito bite’s swelling look like?

Bearing in mind small boned person, mosquito bites may be swollen to the size of a tennis ball, yes, it looks that big, and face bites in particular, can get largely swollen, that’s due to extreme physical or mental suffering (agony) after mosquito biting your skin. However most of mosquito bites sized a 5 mm to 15 mm.

Mosquito bite swelling pictures

A photo showing the actual size of mosquito bites swelling and the wheal size on a ruler

What do swollen mosquito bites feel?

When you’re on a vacation or a holiday, it is usual to get mosquito bites like this from foreign mozzies.

Burning sensation: It’s agony and when you put weight on it, it can feel like you’re about to explode with that pain. 

Feels Hard when touching: Special immune cells collect inside the bite and that what makes the lump get hard.

Some people may feel feverish, if swollen becomes larger and may get infected.

Signs and Symptoms after Swelling

How do you know if you have mosquito bites swelling?

Any person usually identifies mosquito bites by sight. The red, itchypainful swelling is the instant consecutive sign of mosquito bites, increasing in the accompanied allergic reaction can exhibit additional signs like infected blisters, bleeding after scratching, fever and enlarged lymph.

Mosquito bites swell up so big because of the reaction of your body’s immune system to foreign mosquito’s saliva. Usually, the selling is mild but if it goes up it can be a skeeter syndrome.

Nevertheless, not every person is sensitive to mosquito bites, however not everyone gets bitten by mosquitoes.

Mosquito bites get hard because of the collected body cells around the bite location. That what makes the lump get hard after mosquitos bite.

Toddlers symptoms: The mosquito bites on babies swelling, itching and can develop skeeter syndrome.

How long do mosquito bite bumps last?

Healing time from mosquito bite swelling depends on severity of the bite. Mild swelling after mosquitoes bite can go away within 3 days accompanied by gradual fading of itching and red color until the skin returns to its normal color. However, moderate swelling will go down within a week. Skeeter syndrome may last for a week or two to go away.


  1. Infection: Breaking the swelling can leave gouty, gory, or bloody mosquito bites, which come after scratching the swollen bites too many times. Open swelling can attract microbes that isn’t so far of it, the human skin is full with microscopic commensal organisms that are able to enter the wound and cause infections.
  2. Skeet syndrome: your kids being under the risk.

You should be worried about a swollen mosquito bite if:

  1. Few days gone and symptoms don’t improve or are getting worse.
  2. You’ve been bitten in sensitive skin such as your mouth or throat, or near of your eyes.
  3. The bitten skin developed a large reddish swelling area (about 10 cm or more).

Why do mosquito bites swell?

Causes of swell

Main reason is mosquito saliva: mosquitos spit off their bad saliva while they siphoning our blood, this saliva contains chemical substances that the body hate them and tend to fight them, the body develop allergic reactions series starts by pumping the bitten area with immune body cells, white blood cells discharge strong proteins (immunoglobulins and histamines), those proteins can destroy the salivary hateful content and protect skin from deterioration by such insect bites. The result of the fighting battle between mosquito saliva and blood antibodies cause an enlarged wheal filled with protective body cells, that’s why do mosquito bites swell?

Second reason: repeated scratching: Sometimes the mosquito bites are just so itchy which increase the swelling as much as you scratch them.

Best treatment for mosquito bites swelling

Mosquito bites cause skin to exhibit many reactions, redness,itchiness, and swell is one of these reactions, it’s of allergic reactions and any remedies for allergy can reduce swelling after mosquito’s bites and relief the pain.

However, there are many suggestions that quickly work to reduce the swelling of a mosquito bite, including;

  1. Many people ask about what to put on mosquito bites for swelling? Put on the swelling topical anti-itch cream like an OTC hydro-cortisone cream, calamine lotion, or benzocaine.
  2. Take oral antihistamines for the allergic reaction, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) or loratadine (Claritin).
  3. In case of anaphylaxis, you may have on hand an epinephrine auto-injector (EpiPen).

Any option of those can work to treat mosquito bite swelling and itching.

Prevent swelling after a mosquito bite

You can stop the mosquito bite from swelling up and make swelling from mosquito bites go down by trying some or all of these solutions:

  1. Go homeopathic and try some of these home remedies for mosquitobite symptoms.
  2. Don’t irritate your skin further by scratching which could lead to infection too.
  3. Wash the bite area a few times a day without soap and apply any antibiotic ointment, such as polymyxin (Polysporin) or bacitracin.
  4. Heating up a spoon and apply to the bite can stop swelling and pain.
  5. You could try washing soap spit on the bite, gently rub on bite, it may take few times for this to work for you.
  6. Some persons tried to bath himself in diluted pure tea tree oil /lavender essential oil as often as he could, and it worked for them and help with the pain and swelling. Thus the swelling went down in a couple of days and got rid of the possible infection.
  7. A cool bath without soap can work as well as a mosquito bite swelling relief.
  8. A warm oatmeal bath can work to relieve itching swelling
  9. A cold flannel pressed to the bite area for a few minutes at a time to relieve swelling and feel nice.  or use a cold compress or ice pack. Dab on some baking soda paste are tested to work for many people.

mosquito bites that swell

All bites from any mosquito species will develop reddish painful swelling, but not everyone. although there are special cases, for instance;

Over scratched mosquito bites are likely to be further irritated, and swell up, and have mentioned above.

Skeeter syndrome after mosquito bites in children: also known as papular urticaria, Skeeter syndrome is a rapid after biting development of skin redness, swelling but accompanied with ulcers, necrosis,scarring, and relatively severe systemic symptoms such as fever and malaise as well. Skeeter syndrome swelling show more swelling in lymph nodes, liver, and/or spleen; liver failure. And therefore a urine analysis at the lab. may show hematuria; and proteinuria.

That’s Why do mosquito bites swell up so big?

All mosquito bites cause swelling after biting, however mosquito species that known to cause or transmit disease show more complications after biting, the most dangerous mosquito-borne diseases include:

  • Leishmaniasis. 
  • Sindbis virus by the nocturnal mosquitoes of the genus Culex.
  • Yellow fever.
  • Dengue fever.
  • Zika infection.
  • West Nile fever.
  • Chikungunya.
  • Malaria.

Bumps that turn into blisters

Usually, Mosquito bites does not form blister or abscesses, although infected mosquito bites can show up puss sacs over it, if the swollen skin after biting got a bacterial infection, then Yes, Mosquito bites swelling can go to blisters. Popping blister followed by a course of antibiotics can resolve it.


What do you think this mosquito bite is and how do I treat it? best treatment for mosquito bites

Mosquito bites swelling in adults is a normal reaction after mosquito bite, however some children have a mosquito bite that causes a large area of swelling with sever hypersensitivity and lymph nodes enlargement, such condition is called Skeeter syndrome.

Swollen mosquito bites can form blisters as well, which is a form of swellings that filled with air or fluid on the surface of bitten skin, Yes, over the mosquito bite itself.

Home remedies and local ointments can work to stop painful swelling from mosquito bites.

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