Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

It’s unbelievable that such a very small bite from a tiny mosquito can cause such a huge nuisance and discomfort,right? here explanation of why and how does that happen? and how to treat that itch?

When we asked few ordinary people why do mosquito bites itch? they all answered that the mosquito itself when penetrate the skin cause itching reaction.

Do mosquitoes have a numbing agent?
One of those parts is a tube that allows the mosquito to secrete its saliva on you. It’s gross, but remarkable. That saliva contains a drug that acts like an anesthetic. The little buggers numb us out so we don’t know they’re probing around in our skin!

What Do You Feel After a Mosquito bite?

When you getting mosquito bites, the reaction after bites may make you feel like that:

  1. Sharp sudden pain feels like a shock or a needle prick.
  2. Itchiness and necessity of scratching where the mosquito have bitten.
  3. Tingling sensation after a mosquito bites you and fly away.

When mosquitoes bite your skin or during the bite, you may feel pins and needles feeling, numbness, like a pressure,or trembling sensations on skin of bitten arms, hands, legs, feet, head, face,or anywhere on the exposed body. In medical terms this is what called paresthesia feeling.

Extreme itching and intense scratching can lead to wounds of mosquito bites, wounds can be polluted by pathogenic microbes, which turns the bite site into abscess and looks like a swollen, pus-filled lump under the surface of the bitten skin which feels painful at the affected area along with a high temperature (fever) and sometimes chills.

Large mosquito bite abscesses must be treated with antibiotics to clear the infection, while the fulfilled pus may need to be drained

Mosquito bites itchiness pictures

Here’s what do Mosquito bites itch look like;

Appearance of skin after itching

What Causes Mosquito Bites To Itch?

The possible reasons of Mosquito bites do itch because of scratching

People get crazy every summer because of many mosquito bites everywhere,this what make us scraping our skin after getting bites, scratching the mosquito bitten skin will induce body to release more histamines and that principally what make the mosquito bite itchier.

But, why do mosquito bites itch more when you scratch them?

Because scratching or scrabbling will induce more pain that makes the feeling of urgent desire of scratching to minimize the pain, but the reality you’re increasing it. However, the more scratching a mosquito bite the more pain you get, and the more itchiness. That’s why scratching can make itchiness worse.

However, scratching is responsible of increasing the risk of infection as it breaks the skin and therefore, bites will go itchier and take longer time to heal and that when you must see a doctor.

Even if you didn’t scratch after mosquito bites you would feel like a tingling numbness, prickly feeling where the mosquito bites on the body, that’s because the harsh chemicals left inside the bite location by the mosquito needle. Such feeling is usually painless and known as tingling or numbness, or as some people may call it skin crawling, or simply “itching“as well.

The principal reason is the salivary substances pumped in by mosquito during sucking blood

Our skin has very limited reactions to represent pain and allergy, of those reactions is itchiness, itching after a mosquito bite comes from allergens and anticoagulants, these are chemicals secreted by mosquitoes and injected through mosquito needle when penetrating our blood vessels. Mosquito saliva chemicals cause localized redness, swelling and painful itchiness.

Chemicals involving mosquito bites itchiness, include:

When a mosquito bites,she inserts their stylets into the skin, siphons blood by a tube and regurgitate saliva from another one. The saliva contains more than 10 substances that ease the sucking for mosquitoes but they’re allergic to human.

  1. Anesthetic substances: released by mosquito to make you don’t feel the mosquito bite.
  2. Anticoagulants:released by mosquitoes to make quick flow of blood to suck your blood before you kill them.
  3. Other harmful chemicals related to the feeding of the mosquito, which unintended to harm human, although our body refuse them and react against them.
  4. Histamines: are those substances released by our body system to make the capillaries bigger so a mosquito can easily extract blood.
  5. Inflammatory response agents by human body.

The natural body immune reaction against itching, inflammatory, and allergy.

Mosquito bites itch and swell are due to normal body response in this way:

Once mosquito bite you, your body releases two immune responses, histamine which has a central role as a mediator of itching by increases blood flow, the second is white blood cells, which pile up around the bitten area, which causes inflammation or swelling.

More of that, Mosquito bites itch and painful is because histamine also sends a neuro-signals to the nerves nearby the site of the bite then to the central nervous system (CNS). Therefore, you feel the site of mosquito bite itchy because your skin senses the danger and warns your brain to pay attention for this mosquito that takes blood from inside of you. That’s what science tell us about mosquito bites itching.

But what if you feel long extreme itch, then you must see a dermatologist.

Multiple Mosquito bites is of what makes bites so itchy

When you got bitten with subsequent mosquito bites, your body get sensitized to the foreign salivary proteins, for adolescents and children, the most common reactions immediately after mosquito bites are the skin small, itchy, and red bumps, or pale, swollen hives, or wheal.

When got repeated mosquito bites, some people become less sensitive or insensitive, much like allergy shots do, but if didn’t get mosquito bites for a long time then the rise of over-sensitive itching bites can start again).

However, some people develop hypersensitivity and increasingly allergic, accompanied by blistering, bruised,and large inflammation.

Why do mosquito bites itch more at night

Mosquito bites that itch worse at night include small and large bites from all mosquito species, and these are some reasons for why does itching increase specifically at night.

You may feel that mosquito bites got itchier at night because your body is at comfort mode and any body movement especially on bed or under blanket can induce skin irritation without any additional mosquito biting. That’s why do mosquito bites got itchier especially at night and before sleeping.

Other causes of itchiness at night include:

  1. Your body become dry at night, skin dryness increase itching even without mosquito bites.
  2. Cold weather as well can increase the feeling of itchiness and pins.
  3. You may have got some additional bites from bedbugs or fleas.
  4. If you use moisturizing agent, when its effect clears, the skin get dry and make you feel itchy.

Other reasons of getting itchier, include:

  1. You may have got more bites as mosquitoes become most active at night, mosquitoes like to bite during the middle of day and early in the evening when they start to come out of their hideouts.
  2. More mosquito bites nearby or at the old mosquito bite.
  3. Scratching the site of mosquito bite.
  4. Making a cross on the swollen bite is a wrong action and can increase itchiness.

Mosquito bites itch during sleep and after wake up

When you wake up because of mosquito bites your skin, you may feel very stinging effect at the site of biting.

Why do Mosquitoes bites itch and swell more on face?

Skin of the Face is more sensitive than that on other body skin, so that you will feel strong irritation on the bitten face, specifically when you got bitten and have acne on face.   

Why do mosquito bites itch days later

Because of over scratching and hypersensitivity for some persons.

Some people show severe allergic reactions to mosquito bites and those are prune to prolonged itch for several days later. Their mosquitoes bites can itch for days after the first time they bite skin, after a mosquito penetrate your skin, the skin forms a tiny, itchy red bump that appears for few hours to few days after the initiation of biting,

Also, itchiness lasts for days later when scratching more and every time the bitten skin touched by cloths or anything else it will feel itchy. And that was how long do mosquito bites itch last [click to know more]

Treatment Options for Mosquito Bites Itching

what reduce mosquito bites itch?

For people at mosquito population, they must avoid being bitten by:

  1. Take OTC Antihistamines to relief the itchiness.
  2. Corticosteroid creams can reduce inflammation and relief itch.
  3. Try home remedies for mosquito to alleviate that stubborn itch.
  4. Americans bitten by mosquito are less likely to get disease but if you travel to a tropical area you must consult a doctor because bites from the mosquito species “Aedesaegypti” or “Aedes albopictus”, are known to transmit diseases such as Zika, dengue, and chikungunya.
  5. See a doctor if you experience trouble breathing, fever, facial swelling, long hives, or lesions

[ in-depth treatment choices are listed there, Best Ways To Stop Itchiness After Mosquito Bites]

Prevention of later bites by mosquitoes

Along with avoiding more mosquitoes to bite your skin, these methods of what can prevent mosquito bites to itch

  1. Do not go to places full of mosquitoes.
  2. Stop scratching.
  3. Applying mosquito repellent o face, hands, and feet.
  4. wear long-sleeved on top and long trousers and don’t wear tight cloths as the mosquitoes able to penetrate.
  5. Using vitamin E creams and applying sunscreen can help to prevent skin pigmentation around the bite, which is normal for some people as the bite heals.
  6. Taking antihistamine pills or applying its cream before going outdoor can help repel most mosquitos and make you enjoy vacation without unpleasant sensation.


The blood required for biological reason which is egg production.

If you were asking why do mosquito bites hurt that much?

When we got bitten by a mosquito needle, the Immune System cells comes in contact with foreign substances in mosquito saliva which will provoke an acute inflammatory response accompanied with itching, redness, warmth, and wheal, all of these are of normal body reactions to help heal the mosquito bite and prevent microbial entrance. That’s was why do mosquito bites itch in details.

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