Best Relief: How To Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching [FULL Report]

How do you stop itching after bite?

Did it get you? Here’s how to stop the maddening itch after getting mosquito bites.

The itching always returned 24 hours later for me until I learned not to rub or scratch the original bite. If I can leave it alone, it stops itching and doesn’t come back.

Scratching only make the bite itch and swell more. 

After a mosquito biting you and you felt that you’ve been bitten, try not to scratch the bitten skin and endure that annoying itch sensation.

“You should not rub the bite, because that will only make it worse.”

Calm the bitten area immediately
Washing with any calming agent can help soothe the itching and the desire to cut your skin, such calming washers include:

  1. Washing with soapy water, then apply calamine lotion or local cortisone, if prolonged then apply anti-itch creams to the bitten area. Try calamine lotion. The pink goo, a favorite of moms everywhere, is a mixture of zinc oxide and iron oxide and works as a cooling, all-purpose soother. The Food and Drug Administration declared in the early ’90s that it’s ineffective in treating itches, but doctors still recommend it. 
  2. You might also try Caladryl, which contains both calamine and an analgesic to help relieve the sting.
  3. Put an ice pack or ice cube on the bitten skin can stop the itchy feeling as long as you keep it in touch with your skin.
  4. You can relieve the intense itch and redness by applying Preparation H-Cooling Gel. Yes…It’s not just for hemorrhoids. It works wonders for Mosquito Bites, and Poison Ivy…just in case you get that, too!
  5. Have your doctor give you EMLA cream 2.5% and apply it to the bites 3 times a day.
  6. Use rubbing alcohol to clean them. then put on neosporin to heal them.
  7. I didn’t think to offer this solution before: meat tenderizer, which contains papain—the enzyme from papaya—is supposed to work to stop the itching. (I’ve never actually tried this.  it works on bee stings and nonpoisonous spider bites.
  8. Basil, honey, and hot tea, “I particularly found useful the tips on natural repellents, e.g.,menthol, lavender oil, witch hazel. Will also consider a net for bedtime!”
  9. I’ve found that putting alcohol on a mosquito bite helps stop the itching. Putting alcohol on a bite works for us. Best advice ever. Stops the itch completely.
  10. A baking soda ‘plaster’ also works in extreme cases of itchiness and swelling. tenderize the swelling
  11. Also, try Benadryl, or claritin, both work like charm.

In a glance, you can stop itching after a mosquito bite by simple methods.

  1. Don’t scratch the bite to avoid infected bites.
  2. Try calamine lotion for kids to resist itching.
  3. Apply an OTC hydro-cortisone cream to relief itching and reduce swelling.
  4. Use a cold sachet or ice pack to stop itchiness feeling.
  5. Take an antihistamine to stop allergic reaction and prevent skeeter syndrome.
  6. Go homeopathic and try home remedies such as; Dab on a little baking soda/salt paste. or Heat up a spoon and apply to the bite.
  7. Complete Guide To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites [link]

For details and further step by step guide, please continue reading

When get bitten by mosquitoes, the goal is to stop itching and prevent future bites, Treat over-swelling caused due to allergic reaction, treatment of inflammation and puss welts if it formed. that exactly what everyone must do step by step:

  • First step: prevent more bites at once by getting away from the mosquito’s location.
  • Get yourself away from the place where you have bitten at to not get more bites.
  • Second step: To stop itching after you have bitten, must Soothe Mosquito Bites.

You may feel the bitten spot is heating or burning after the bite, so that using something to cool it can contribute to treatment of fever-like effect after the mosquito-bite.

Remedies that help relieve mosquito bites

Creams and ointments can help, but you can also beat the itch with things that are probably already lying around your house. Here’s a list of common Possible calmative agents

  1. Oatmeal. One remedy for an uncomfortable mosquito bite may also be one of your favorite breakfasts.
  2. Crushed ice.
  3. Honey.
  4. Aloe vera.
  5. Baking soda.
  6. Basil.
  7. Vinegar.
  8. Onion.
  9. Cold water and soap
  10. Ice cubes
  11. Lotions
  12. OTC creams
  13. Analgesics
  14. Home and natural remedies >>read more below

Here is,

How Do I soothe Mosquito Bites, reduce the pain, and stop itching?

Soothing the bite means how can you reduce the pain and feeling of itchiness after you have bitten by nasty mosquitos.

The golden tip after getting bites from mosquitos is to not use your fingernails to scratch or rub the bitten skin, as this can increase your feeling of hot biting sensation and maximize the discomfort.

Washing the mosquito bite with cold water and soap does really work, that’s because the cold water can calm itchy skin that have bitten, and thus reduce acute feeling of scratching, and clean the skin, and therefore lessen the infection chances.

Icing the mosquito bite for 10 minutes with ice cube, cold vegetables or even cold spoon can work well to reduce the itchy sensation after you have bitten by a mosquito, but its effect will vanish after seconds after withdrawing the icy thing.

Histamines dilate the blood vessels, filling the affected area with excess blood. Cold causes the vessels to constrict, so that the amount of blood is reduced around the bite. That’s why using a cold compress or ice pack on the bite site can stop itchiness.

Applying calamine lotion or Caladryl on the skin that have mosquito bites does work to stop itching and treat painful welts, calamine is antipruritic that consists of zink-ferric oxides which acts as bite soother in addition to its mild topical analgesic which reduce the pain after biting by mosquitos, that’s why does calamine really work after mosquito bites.

Yes, you can use over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to treat the itchy skin after a mosquito bite, as it consists of small amount of cortisone that can relieve itching, will reduce swelling and will not cause common side effects of steroids.

P.S. Both local cortisone and lotions can be safely used as effective anti-itching treatment for longer period than soapy water and ice, but the calamine is used on children and local cortisone can be used on the skin of adults.

Pain reducers after mosquito bite

You can reduce and relieve the mosquito bites pain by either one:

  1. 10 minutes holding ice on the bitten skin.
  2. 10 minutes of baking soda paste.
  3. 30 minutes in Epsom salt bath.
  4. 5 minutes rubbing with banana peels.
  5. Dab cotton of witch hazel oil/deodorant.

Ibuprofen can work as same as local OTC cream to calming the itch and treat the swelling as well.

What can you try to help reduce the swelling and for treatment of mosquito bites?

Reduce swelling: To specifically limit inflammation, use the following tricks:

Fill a bag or cool compresses with crushed ice. Place the ice on the bite area to reduce itching, pain and swelling.

Take antihistamine orally or naturally.

Antihistamines will help reduce swelling and itching. Natural antihistamines include:

Basil and mint uses for mosquitoes
  1. Nettle, some doctors recommend taking a sterilized freezer Nettle as it is known to reduce the amount of histamine produced by the body.
  2. Tulsi or biting nettle are kinds of basil that can work as a natural antihistamine to reduce swelling and inflammatory of mosquito bites, the best way to use is by heating up leaves under steam then apply to the affected skin, however freeze-dried biting nettle will work well to inflammation after bites.
  3. Basil may also act as a natural antihistamine. Preheat two basil leaves under the steam and place them gently on the skin rash. Basil may help to reassure the body that the cause of the rash is not worth.
  4. Take an antihistamine. This won’t work immediately, but an OTC medication like Benadryl will prevent histamines from binding with receptors at the blood vessels. The vessels in the bite area return to normal, and the swelling and itching dissipates. Remember, you can take an antihistamine before going outside to minimize your allergic reaction to a mosquito bite.

What can Home remedies do to itchy mosquito bites?

Yes, home remedies are somehow effective for getting rid of mosquito bites, however, you must know that home remedies don’t made originally for targeted treatment of bites, but most of them have unintended anti-itch effect, such effect is temporarily once you apply, but most natural remedies inside our house and kitchen can be a good quick relief for mosquito bites.

All home remedies preparations must be used several times a day in order to regenerate its effect and work for mosquito bites.

Natural Herbs and plants used for mosquito bites, include:

Rubbing winterbloom/witch-hazel oil on the bite can act as all-natural anti-itchiness and inti-inflammatory remedy. Applying witch hazel to the bitten skin will work to reduce inflammation, calming the burning sensation and minimize irritation after the mosquito bite, witch hazel can speed up healing after biting. The best way to use it, gently swipe cotton immersed in witch hazel oil over the bite then allow the skin to dry.

Yes, table salt does really work for mosquito bites, as it has many natural inflammatory fighting properties (antiseptic), salt can offer a good mosquito bite relief, simply make a salt paste with drops of water then dab the bitten skin.

Table salt for mosquitoes

As a natural go-to remedy for many diseases as well as relaxing your mind, Epsom Salt can be used to treat mosquito bites, it consists of magnesium and sulfate, the best way to relieve mosquito bites with Epsom salts: either by soaking your hand in a solution of it, or taking 30 minutes in Epsom salt bath or make Epsom salt paste with cold water, using a damp washcloth, put the home-made paste over it, take the side in your hand to make like a sachet, then apply to the bite position, but don’t drink it because it is a laxative and can cause diarrhea.

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda will work effectively to provide relief from a mosquito bite, it can relieve irritation and itchiness, correct usage of baking soda on mosquito-bitten-skin is by mixing a little of baking soda with drops of water then make a compress on the affected area for at least 10 minutes before washing it, must repeat to gather more effect.

Yes, Apple Cider Vinegar can work for mosquito bites treatment, but can leave side effects such as increasing irritation and itchiness, thus ACV is itch-reliever for mosquito bites due to its acidity, but generate bite-like feeling and make you want to scratch which prevent the bite from healing. If vinegar is used on an area that is injured in the skin, it will feel palpable.

Best way to use ACV on bitten skin is by Soaking a cotton ball in a diluted ACV then hold it on the bite for few minutes. Another way is by mixing ACV with corn flour to make a paste that can be applied directly on the bitten skin, after it get dry wash it off with warm water.

Banana Peels can work to soothe the itchiness after mosquito bites.

Rubbing the inside peel of a banana onto the bite for 5 minutes at least, repeat every few minutes after bite, wash before and after with water and soap to make the bite site clean.

Kitchen remedies for mosquito bites:

Some things around you inside kitchen or any room can be effective to instantly reduce the pain after mosquito biting you and minimize the risks, such tools include:

Sweet deodorant work well for mosquito bites, rub the place of the bite using the deodorant (which is used under the armpits). Deodorant contains effective aluminum chloride in stopping the pain and swelling that accompany mosquito bites.

Use clean nail polish. Place a little clean nail polish on the place to bite the mosquito and let it dry for 5 minutes. Wipe the nail polish and replace it if you need to.

Meat tenderizer paste can soften the bitten skin and make it tender, thus reduce the itchiness sensation and relief the mosquito bites within minutes. Meat tenderizer is a powder consists of two natural enzymes (papain, found in papayas, and bromelain, found in pineapples), that ease and tenderize the meat fibers, that’s why meat tenderizer powder can work will to soothe the mosquito bites.

Therefore, using papaya (contains papain enzyme) can also help reduce itchiness after mosquito bites.
However, slices of pineapples on the skin can relief the painful itchiness feeling and treat the bite, because it contains the natural tenderizer enzyme, bromelain.
1 teaspoon = (4.9 mL)

Best Effective Essential Oils I do use for treatment mosquito bites

The list of effective essential oils that can work to relieve the pain, itchiness, and reduce swelled bite by decreasing the mosquito bites size.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil.
  • Tea Tree Oil.
  • Lavender Essential Oil.
  • Rosemary Essential Oil.
  • Camphor Essential Oil.
  • Chamomile Essential Oil.
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil.
  • Basil Essential Oil.

No, not all essential oils can be effective for mosquito bites and many of them have non-intended side effects. Essential oil benefits are not equal as their side effects, therefore you must take care,

Some examples to explain side effects of some essential oils

Peppermint can soothe the bite but before you scratch your skin, scratching will leave openings in the skin which Peppermint can cause extreme burning feeling.

Lavender oil has a good ability in treating mosquito bites but might also attract bees if they nearby.

Rub the lavender or its oil on the skin directly. Lavender is considered a natural insect repellent, especially in the repelling of fleas on cats and dogs. Place the lavender oil on the exposed parts of the bitten skin directly.

Yes, you can put tea tree oil on mosquito bites, for immediate relief wash the affected area with a few drops directly to act as a local treatment for bites that may have slipped in, mosquito Repellent and quick Relief.

Tea Tree Oil will surely work for mosquito bites to stop itching, relieve painful sensation and inflammation associated with mosquito bites, and according to dermatological experts Tea Tree Oil can ward off any resulted infection. If you search for what work to ward off other mosquitoes from around you and treat mozzies bites as well, Tea Tree Oil is excellent natural mosquito repellent for this purpose.

Aloe Vera: If you were asking what can work to cool the irritated skin after mosquito bites? Aloe Vera can treat mosquito bites effectively. Fresh Aloe vera or Aloe Vera Gel consists of many vitamins and minerals that can help to reduce the painful bites, swelling, and lessen the itching heal time. Aloe Vera is very common remedy for relieve sunburn and help heal wounds as well.

How Do I prevent mosquito bites?

Tips and tricks that I use them and my family to keep mosquitos away from us and prevent mosquito bites as possible inside and outside.

Here’s how to protect and hide your body from mosquitos

Try a daily dose of vitamin B1. Research suggests that this vitamin may alter your odor, making you less attractive to mosquitoes.

Remove sources that encourage mosquito eggs:

Destroy where mosquitos lay eggs can work to lessen mosquito population and lower bites.

Preferred locations include any place holding standing water inside or around your home:

  1. People making shallows trough fixed beneath the edge of a roof for carrying off rainwater, gutters must be unclogged.
  2. Paddling pools for children, must change its water occasionally.
  3. birdbaths or bird-drinking containers, must change periodically.
  4. Containers can collect water droplets which mosquito love, it’s best to store them upside down.
  5. Store containers upside down so that they don’t collect water
  6. Tires laying everywhere in your yard can attract more mosquito bites by holding water residues.

Block the ways to your house against mosquitos, such as:

  1. Holes in the doors, openings in any windows can let the mosquitos enter inside house, so that repairing them can decrease the count of mosquitos inside.
  2. Using mosquito repellents on my skin help keep mosquitoes away from me, most effective repellents for mosquito are those contain DEET, Picaridin or lemon eucalyptus oil, such repellents are proven to keep them away.
  3. Citronella candles may and may not also offer protection from mosquitoes, no proof.
  4. Wear protective clothing when leaving the house for outdoor activities.
  5. Wear long-sleeved clothing, pants and socks, and wear a wide hat or baseball cap with the neck covered.
  6. Wear a mosquito net on your face. You can cover children’s seats and carriages with mosquito netting to protect them from mosquitos bites.
  7. Clothes that are pre-treated with permethrin are less-attractive to mosquito and thus keep them away from you.
  8. Combine essential oils or dried leaves of herbs into a sprayer bottle and spray on my skin help me be less-attractive for mosquitos as they hate the good smell.
  9. Using repellents and home-made traps.

Make a comprehensive repellent for mosquitoes inside rooms.

To make a comprehensive repellent similar to a mosquito lamp or wax candles, you will need an empty dustbin with a cover and an unused kitchen sponge,

  1. Soak the sponge in one of the following essential oils or any smelly combination thereof: lavender, pennyroyal, eucalyptus, water-mint, camphor, citronella, peppermint or lemon grass.
  2. Fill the sponge with essential oil.
  3. Place the sponge in the box, close it and leave it for 24 hours.
  4. Use this universal extruder for mosquitos by opening the lid when you need to let the essential oil smell out and take care of mosquito, that was how you can keep mosquito away with a homemade mosquito repellent.

Make a homemade mosquito repellent from essential oils for my skin at home

Another effective repellent at home can be made by mixing essential oils with ACV, I tried and it works but has not been proven to repel mosquitoes on researches, so you can give it a try.

Make repellent mosquitoes of natural oils and vinegar. This recipe is very simple you can modify and supply. This recipe uses camphor oil but you are free to use any other oils you want from the oils mentioned above.

You may combine one or more of the following oils: citronella, cloves, lemon grass, rosemary, tea tree oil, kajobot, camphor, mint, lavender, lavender and mint.

Mix in spray bottle:

1 cup of witch hazelnuts.

1 cup apple cider vinegar.

About 40 drops of the selected essential oils.

Mix all ingredients together and spray them over the exposed skin of your body. Avoid getting this repellent mix. into your eyes or mouth, beware of spraying this mixture on your clothes, because it may cause stubborn clothing stains.

Make a homemade herbal repellent for mosquito bites

This how to make a mosquito repellent of dried or fresh herbs.
This recipe uses boiled or dried herbs added to witch hazelnuts as their basis.
This homemade repellent is effective because insects do not like the smell of strong herbs, especially mosquitoes.

  1. Pour a glass of water in a pot and add 3 or 4 tablespoons of any combination of the following dried herbs: peppermint, citronella, lemon grass, real lavender, cloves, or spearmint. Cover the pot afterwards.
  2. After two minutes, remove the grass from the pot and leave the lid on and leave it until the water is cold.
  3. Place the water in half a cup of witch hazelnut then put it in a spray bottle in the fridge.
  4. Use it on your skin as much as needed.

Basil, also called great basil or Saint-Joseph’s-wort,

Rub the basil or its oil on the bite directly. Basil is a strong herb that mosquito insects hate it too much and basil in particular helps against mites.

Mint Oil
Sprinkle mint or squeeze skin with mint oil directly.
Mint is a natural mosquito repellent in addition to its beautiful mint scent.
Peppermint mint or real peppermint mint or water mint: either one can be used to repel bitten insects make wonderful fragrance.


Rub the garlic directly on the skin

Garlic can repel mosquito for good but it is less common due to the smell of garlic which is not likable, but if the smell does not bother you and only garlic is found, so why not to use it, a little of garlic will remove mosquitos.

Finally, I hope all have the whole picture of traditional methods used till today to stop mosquito bites effectively.

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