Very painful and rock hard under skin, no itch, but there is a small hole 1mm diameter, Could it be a spider bite?


Any help on what bit me?

Very painful and rock hard under skin. No itch, but there is a small hole maybe 1mm diameter.

You can’t see so well in the photos but there is a lighter red shaded area radiating outwards in addition to the inner wound. I already have a knat bite that is the usual itchy bump elsewhere, so can rule that out, and I’ve been bitten by a few different insects before but this one is new to me in my 38yrs.

Could it be a spider bite?

It appeared after an outdoor cinema night. There was a river nearby and a grass area to sit. Trees etc being a public park.

Definitely only one hole I can see. It’s still as it was last night, very painful, hard and swollen.

No headache, temperature or rash. Pretty sure it’s only one hole.

I’ve been stung by both bees and wasps in the past and this bite doesn’t feel the same. They sting and burn but this bite pain is like a very tender bruise, some heat on touching the area.
The beetle I hadn’t considered actually and forgot that they bite too. There were trees at this park too and here we do get tree beetles.


Suspected creatures are:

  1. Small spiders can leave such bites but with fever and other infection-related symptoms which aren’t exist here.
  2. Beetles: it’s not common for beetles to bite humans, however some species feed on crops and gardens which comes in contact with humans and may bite them, for example; blister beetles, stag beetles and Longhorned beetles. So that it’s expected but excluded because you haven’t got blisters at the site of biting.
  3. Wasps: you have a large reddish halo (severe allergic reaction) around the hard swollen skin and only one hole left after biting, no stinger left, so it is likely to be a wasp sting.
  4. Bees: if you find the stinger left behind on the skin, then it was from a bee sting.
  5. Although you’re located in an area (Bury St Edmunds, England, UK) that is near notorious location of ‘False Widow’ Spiders that is common here (not Black Widow) which is related to the black widow but nowhere near as poisonous. It’s not Black Widow Spider Bite and not from False widow spiders as well because it’s only one hole not two and there’re no other serious complications that accompany that type of spiders.

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