What bit me this reddish pimple-like bite?


Something hit me yesterday, anyone know what?

hot hit with swollen surrounding


Firstly lets identify what appear in the image

  1. single reddish swollen pimple-like bump.
  2. the finger’s skin appears raised and reddish more than the next finger in the same hand.
  3. center of the bump is not sharp and no needle puncture in the middle as seen in mosquito bites bruises.
  4. abscess or pustule manifestation is what can be noticed, I mean raised bump with rises edges and swollen surrounding


  1. Something hit the finger at that site that can cause such a pimple-like appearance, especially when we can’t notice aspects of insect bites.
  2. Wasp bites can do bite like that as well, but the probability is less.

Treatment recommended

Can be topical ointment with antipyretic antibiotic if you feed feverish, if there are serious complication please seek nearest health care center.

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