Causes of Puffy Eyes in Children Other Than Bug Bites

At some point you find your child awake from his sleep with swollen eyes, sometimes the swelling or puffiness is in one eye, and sometimes in both eyes, some swelling is simple that can be dealt with at home, and some of it requires resorting to the hospital immediately, so that we write here about the causes of the morning swelling of the eyes in children, when do you need to go to the doctor immediately, and when is home treatment simple and effective.

Symptoms of puffy eyes in children

First to know if that signs are just a puffy eye or another problem with your baby’s eyes:

  1. Swelling of the eyelid or the area around the eye.
  2. There is no extreme redness of the white of the eye.
  3. There is no yellow or green eye discharge.

Degrees of eye puffiness in children

There are three degrees of puffy eyes:

  1. Slight swelling: The eye is swollen, but it can be opened in a normal way.
  2. Moderate swelling: The eye is more swollen , and the child can see when opened, but it is open to a lesser extent.
  3. Severe swelling: It occurs when there are serious eye problems, the eyelids swell, and the child cannot open his eyes from the ground up, so the eyelid swelling covers the eye completely.

Causes of puffy eyes in children

Causes of swelling of one eye in a child

  • Eye rubbing: Sometimes a child rubs his eyes vigorously and his hands are dirty, which causes inflammation in the eyes, and therefore causes temporary swelling.
  • Insect bite : You cannot completely get rid of flying insects, and you do not always notice them, as it may be just a mosquito that bites your child and swollen his eyelid.
  • Wound near the eye: A wound in the area around the eye can lead to swelling of the eye itself.
  • Dacryocystitis: When the lacrimal sac at the edge of the eye is inflamed, it causes one eye to swell in the child.
  • The presence of an infection in the eyelashes due to the presence of bacteria in them.
  • The presence of an infection in the eyelid due to the presence of bacteria in it.
  • Contact dermatitis near the eyes.

Causes of swelling of both eyes in a child

  1. Allergic conjunctivitis.
  2. Viral conjunctivitis, which appears with eye puffiness, redness of the white of the eye.
  3. Bacterial conjunctivitis, which appears with eye swelling, some secretions or yellow pus, in one eye or in both eyes.
  4. Sudden hypersensitivity, which may result from eating an allergen food, taking medicine, or even being exposed to a spring pollen if your child suffers from eye allergies in the spring .
  5. Excess water retention (ascites)

Treating puffy eyes in children

In simple cases, eye swelling can be treated at home with some first aid, namely:

  • Wash the face and eyes well without rubbing with lukewarm water, and the eyes and eyelashes should be washed well with water, as there may be something stuck with them that causes the eye to become irritated and swollen.
  • Using cold compress on the eyes, they relieve the itching sensation that sometimes accompanies swelling, and they also calm the eyes and reduce their puffiness.
  • Use anti-allergic eye drops, and ask the doctor or pharmacist about the appropriate drops for your child, as simple swelling can be treated by these drops in a short time.

If the eye swelling in children has secretions in the eye or intense redness in the white of the eye, refer to the doctor to refer you to the appropriate treatment, and some of the cases that we mentioned above (such as viral or bacterial conjunctivitis, or dacryocystitis) need to refer to the doctor To prescribe the appropriate treatment for the case.

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